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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Bringing all forms of personal communications together makes it easier for people to do their job and be more responsive to the needs of the business.  Imagine the changes in your business if you could answer calls to your office phone on your cell phone.  Or perhaps having an office phone at home connected over the Internet to work from the quiet of your home office.  Or easily holding a meeting over the internet, hearing and seeing all the participants with everyone able to share content from their PC.   All brought to you by Unified Communications.

We have been implementing elements of Unified Communications since 2000 and can now offer complete systems from Mitel or Avaya that can integrate with Microsoft to provide:

  • Voice over IP business communications systems to make your phone placement as pervasive as your data network
  • Unified Messaging that provides traditional voicemail but integrates with email and fax messages so users have a single mailbox that they can access with a phone, their PC, or from a browser over an internet connection
  • Mobility Solutions that allow communication to happen regardless of where the intended recipient is – elsewhere in the office, on their cell phone while traveling, or teleworking from home
  • Integrated Presence and Instant Messaging to find the best available resources and communicate quickly with multiple people to be more responsive and deliver more value to your customers
  • Multimedia Conferencing and Collaboration to turn ineffective conference calls into productive meetings that are as good or better than being together in person
  • Unified Contact Centers that handle email, fax and chat as well as incoming calls to maximize the effectiveness of your employees and provide the best possible customer service while allowing your customer to choose how to communicate.

Unified Communications can meet the needs of the business and improve productivity.


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