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Physical Security

The market for intelligent video surveillance and access control equipment is expected to grow exponentially.

Cameras, card readers, door locks, and other security requirements are now part of a company’s IP Network.  Data analysis based on parameters that you set can help you as you manage your business.

We can design, implement and support your security infrastructure including:

•  Access Control: state-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring clients full-featured security solutions.

•  Photo & Visitor Badging: provide a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s employees and visitor traffic.

•  CCTV/Video Surveillance: today’s security market demands highly sophisticated technologies and we bring innovative solutions that deliver the required functionality to solve your problems, increase security, reduce shrinkage, enhance customer service and increase operational efficiencies.

•  Intrusion Alarm Detection: manually or automatically arm your facility or restricted spaces through use of a keypad.

•  Video Analytics: analyzing recorded video for predetermined events.

SunTel Services can provide a security assessment to determine your business needs.

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