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Multimedia Conferencing

Conferencing, audio, video, web and text chat, allows collaboration between people who are not in the same room. Travel costs are eliminated and work gets done faster.  SunTel Services has been providing conferencing products and services since 1994.  We can help you choose the right approach and systems offered by our Partners at the right.

More than a conference call
Audio conferencing has been with us since Ernestine the operator could connect three or more parties on her cord-board and then listen in on the conversation.  Today, state-of-the art conferencing can provide confidentiality and security for audio calls, easy to use video conferencing, and web conferencing to show participants a presentation, a detailed financial analysis, or any application on a PC, and no one has to leave their office. By making all types of conferencing available to employees, companies become more responsive and profitable.

An Example of Collaboration today
Meetings can occur as the demand arises without the need to get people face-to-face.
On Demand
Start with a customer who shows interest in a new product.  Set up the audio and web conference.  

Distributed Participants
The customer is in their office, the sales executive is in their office, an engineer is working from his home, and a technical resource from the manufacturer is in her office in another state.  

Flexible Presentation Modes
The sales executive shows a PowerPoint presentation to the customer, the engineer then shows how the product works by sharing a program on his PC, the manufacturer's representative shares product performance graphs in Excel based on recent laboratory test.  

The client asks for a private meeting with the sales rep, and they go into a virtual breakout room to discuss the terms of the sale.  While they are gone, the technical people discuss the customer's application, and discover an additional application of the product.  

Accelerate and Increase Business
The customer and the sales rep come back to the main room ready to consummate the sale, learn about the additional application from the engineers, and the customer decides to order two rather than one.  The order comes in the next day, before the airline tickets would have been purchased if everyone had to be in the same room.
SunTel’s MeetingService is an easy way to start enjoying the benefits of multimedia conferencing with no commitments.



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Multimedia Conferencing Alternatives

SunTel’s MeetingService provides audio conferencing and web conferencing on a per-minute basis.  Start conferencing tomorrow.  No commitments.  Free training.  The security of no operator listening in.  And with detailed reports on usage, we can tell you when it would be more economical for you to have an in-house system.
Avaya Connect Silver Partner
IP Office, Avaya’s IP PBX for small and medium sized businesses, includes a built in meet-me audio conference bridge that can accommodate up to 64 participants in any combination of conferences.  And a second bridge can be added bringing the total number of participants to 128.
Mitel Platinum Exclusive Business Partner
Mitel’s Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC) application combines the benefits of a feature-rich audio conferencing solution with easy-to-use, intuitive web conferencing facilities enabling users to enhance a conference call with shared documents, presentations, chat and video
Microsoft Certified Partner
Microsoft’s Live Meeting is a component within their Office Communications Server (OCS).  With tight integration to the OCS client and Outlook, Live Meeting can provide a recording that synchronizes audio, video and web conferencing for later viewing.