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E911 Offering

Enhanced 911
Legislation in Michigan

What Your Organization Needs to Know to Be Compliant

Most organizations today understand the importance of implementing a reliable E911 solution for their communications infrastructure. 
The ability to pinpoint a caller's exact location is known as Enhanced 911 (E911).

The right E911 solution can help save lives, reduce liability risk, and allow organizations to meet state and local E911 regulations. 

Things to consider:

•    What is the size of your building?
•    How many locations do you have?
•    Are there different addresses?
•    Does your business use centralized trunks?
•    How many users do you need to support?
•    How can you integrate on-site personnel in the response process?
•    What are the solutions available with your PBX system?

Liability and fines can be avoided.  Failure to provide E911 protection could result in regulatory fines and expose your organization
to large damages from civil and criminal litigation.

For further information go to:  Michigan Legislative Website - House Bill 4683


If you would like SunTel Services to assist you in your E911 efforts,
please fill out the following E911 questionnaire and email back to DeAnn Collins at

E911 Questionnaire.pdf