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We provide a comprehensive array of solutions to satisfy our customer’s communication needs.

Data Center – Foundation solutions to make the Data Center efficient, secure, and resilient with cabinetry, UPS systems, SAN storage, server virtualization, and core IP infrastructure.

Cabling - Structured Cabling provides the stable platform upon which every reliable network must be built.

IP Networking – Building a single, monitored and managed IP network for data, voice and video reduces cost and complexity.  It also provides “anywhere access” and improves flexibility and responsiveness for changing business requirements

Wireless Networks – Designed and deployed to meet location requirements, secure wireless networks provide employees and guests network access wherever they need it.

Network Management – products or outsourced service to monitor network performance and accelerate problem remediation.

Voice Telephony Solutions – VOIP or TDM telecommunications capabilities for single site or multi-site businesses. We provide voicemail, call center, auto attendant, call coverage, teleworker and wireless mobility capabilities that take advantage of lower cost SIP and MPLS carrier services.

Network Security – Security policies and practices that protect your network while providing appropriate local and remote access based on credentials and end point security compliance

Mobility – Products to keep employees always connected - Wireless networking, remote access, mobile extensions, mobile email, text-to-speech email readers.

Multimedia Conferencing – audio, video, web and text chat, allow multiple site collaboration that accelerates the communication process and eliminates the cost of travel.

Unified Communications – Integration of real-time communication services such as IP telephony, IM and video conferencing with non real-time services such as voicemail and email providing a consistent, unified interface across all devices and media types.

Physical Security - Design, implementation and support of your infrastructure including access control, badging solutions and visitor management, CCTV/video surveillance, intrusion alarm detection and data analytics.

Carrier Services - Billing analysis to assist with the selection and implementation of Carrier Services to provide cost savings, carrier diversification, redundancy and more.

Our solutions are designed for Helping technology work for people.


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