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Many customers select us to provide service on their phone system based on a fixed-price service agreement, once their manufacturer's warranty expires.  Benefits to our annual agreement include:

  • No unexpected bills – depending on the particular agreement level chosen, all of the parts and labor needed to repair the system are covered.
  • Committed response times – response to major and minor problems are committed to in the contract, thereby giving those customers priority over those with Time and Materials Agreement.
  • Prearranged Remote Access – accelerates problem diagnosis and repair.  Remote Access can also reduce the cost and time required for any Move, Add, and Change (MAC) activity that only requires a software change.
  • Preferred Labor Rate – provides a 10% discount for work not covered by the Service Agreement.
  • Local Spare Parts – based on the equipment covered by our Service Agreements, we stock the most commonly used spare parts - reducing potential time to repair.

We offer several different levels of Service Agreements along with options that allow us to create a plan that meets your needs:

Full Service – Our most popular plan covers all parts and labor to correct problems with coverage hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Extra Care – Provides coverage from 7 AM to 7 PM with a specifically assigned primary technician.

Extended Hours – Provides 24 Hour, 7 day coverage for major failures

Optional service plan features can include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • System Monitoring and Alarm Notification
  • Carrier Service Coverage
  • Remote Moves, Adds & Changes
  • Carrier Expense Review
  • Software Subscription Services

Other Service Offerings:

For your IP Infrastructure, we also offer other service contracts:

NetSurety Contracts include a series of different offerings that will give you the confidence in your IP network Infrastructure that is required to keep your business up and running:

OneCall – for your manufacturer hardware and software support contracts. Just call us, and we will work with the manufacturer to get the problem fixed.

Firewall Management – we provide for all of the care and feeding of your firewall including problem resolution, rule changes, and vulnerability testing.

Real-time – Our eyes on your network. A monitoring, alerting, reporting and remote repair service that enables action more quickly when something starts to go wrong.


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