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NetSurety OneCall

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One Call does it all
The NetSurety OneCall Service supplements the manufacturer service agreement.  This includes the engineering effort required on the customer’s part to troubleshoot the problem, repair or replace the failing component covered by the Manufacturer’s Agreement.

NetSurety OneCall Service eliminates the customer from having the skillset or the time to work with the Manufacturer in resolving a covered problem.

As a supplement to a valid manufacturer’s agreement we will match the response times of that agreement and act on your behalf with the manufacturer to get the problem resolved.

Service Deliverables
OneCall assures rapid and complete response to problems covered by your manufacturer agreement.

One-Call Resolution – Simply call our Customer Care Center for comprehensive support.  Our engineers will contact the manufacturer's technical support center as required to resolve your failure.

No Unexpected Bills – All of the engineering work required to resolve your failure is included during the coverage hours of the agreement, which corresponds to the coverage selected for the Manufacturer’s Agreement.

Coverage to match your Manufacturer Agreement – If you select Same Day coverage, our repair services will be provided 24x7.  For Next Day, you are covered from 8 AM to 5 PM - Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Priority Response – Covered problems receive committed priority response based on the plan purchased.

Preferred Rate Engineering – Requested work not covered by the Agreement will be charged at our Preferred Rate, offering a 10% discount.  For requests that can be handled over the phone, the first 15 minutes are free.

Patches and Upgrades– The application of patches or available version upgrades when required to fix covered problems are included.

Continuous Coverage – A single part number orders both the Manufacturer’s Agreement and NetSurety OneCall.  With automatic notification at the time of renewal, you will always be protected.
Additional Services
Functional Changes – Changes to the functionality or configuration of the products is not covered by this Agreement, but can be provided at the Preferred Rates.

Configuration Restore After Failure – Although the customer is responsible for making appropriate backup copies of configurations (we will restore the configuration provided by the customer after a hardware replacement under the Service Agreement) any additional changes needed to the configuration are provided at the Preferred Rate.


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