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You can sign up for MeetingService by completing the form below.

The following table describes the pricing for MeetingService.  Minutes of usage are charged for the actual minutes used for each caller:

MeetingService Pricing

Per Call Setup $3.00 per conference call. This will be charged even if no one attends the call.
(per caller)
22¢ per minute
39¢ per minute
39¢ per minute
Caller the local phone number
Caller to the toll free number
Calls out to reach participant
Recordings 22¢ per minute Recording time.
No charge to call in to listen to the recording.
Recording is retained for seven days
Discounts Monthly Usage
Over $500
Over $1,000
Over $2,500
Discount Percent

Sign up for MeetingService
Complete the following form, and someone from the MeetingService Customer Care Center will contact you to confirm billing information and provide you with your Personal Access Kit.


Sign up for MeetingService

This is the form heading for the email

Terms and Conditions:
Customer shall take appropriate precautions to protect the secrecy of their assigned user profile numbers. The charges for any conferences scheduled by these profile numbers are the responsibility of the customer. The customer shall use security features of SunTel’s MeetingService™ to assure privacy of their meetings and recordings. Charges will be billed monthly at SunTel's current rates and are due net 30 days. IN NO EVENT SHALL SUNTEL BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOST PROFITS OR SAVINGS), INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES. The undersigned has the authority to commit to this agreement.
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