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MeetingService is our advanced in-house audio and web conferencing service that is available to our customers on an as-needed basis. With no monthly subscription fees, and paying only for the minutes you use, you have immediate access to conferencing up to 85 callers.

Advanced features include:

  • Scheduling using touch tone commands from the phone or over the internet with a browser.
  • Detailed Billing based on Individual Profile numbers and billing codes.
  • Virtual Breakout Rooms to have secure sub meetings for negotiations or private conversations.
  • Ultimate Security with no “meeting operator” listening in, unique profile and meeting IDs with optional passwords, caller arrival and departure announcements, and the ability to lock the meeting.
  • Recordings controlled by the user for all or part of the meeting.
  • Meeting Control from the telephone or a web page with the ability to mute callers or conduct lecture style meetings – without the need for an external operator.
An operator is always available by pressing #0 during a call.
Integrated Web Conferencing
Our web conferencing is automatically set up for each call and is provided at no additional cost. It allows all participants to share or see others shared information, use whiteboard facilities or allow others to take control of the presenters PC application.
Using MeetingService
Sign up today and you can start using MeetingService tomorrow. The Welcome Package will arrive by email with everything you need to get started including a Quick Reference Card.  Most users can get started on their own, or we are happy to provide training at no cost from our Customer Care Center.
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Training Available

Training is conducted using MeetingService and is available at no charge. It can be arranged by speaking with one of our Conferencing Specialists.
  • Introductory Training
    A 20 minute introductory training covering the basic features for voice and data conferencing.
  • Advanced Voice Training
    A 20 minute training covers basic access and features: scheduling meetings, attending meetings, muting your phone, breakout rooms, recording calls, listening to recorded meetings, roll call of meeting attendees, and locking meetings for security.
  • Web Conferencing Training
    A 30 minute training covering how to set up and host conferences over the internet, application sharing, collaboration, desktop sharing, webchat. The recommended practices will assure that the integrated conferences are effective and productive.


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