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Emerging Need for IT Resources

Posted by: Julie Kraemer on 2/20/2013


Welcome to the third SunTel Quarterly newsletter. I would like to start by saying thank you for your partnership with SunTel as we sincerely value and appreciate your business. SunTel’s historical and continued success is created by our clients who have the confidence to entrust their communication technology solutions to us.
As I interact with our clients on a daily basis there are certain key themes or trends that emerge from those conversations. One prevalent theme centers on the business value of technology solutions. Gone are the days of technology investments for the sake of acquiring technology. In this day and age, typically the only ones who get “excited” about the technology are the technology providers. Business owners and key executives are focused on the business objectives such as “How do I increase revenue?”, “How do I maximize profits?”, “How do I improve customer service?”, “How do I become more efficient?”, “How do I enable mobility of my workforce?” etc. Technology should merely be the enabler and facilitator of those objectives. SunTel’s consultative approach and focus is on that very goal: how do we provide technology solutions that allow our client’s business objectives to be realized.
Another growing trend or challenge is around having the right level of IT support and technology. In other words, business owners are challenged with “How do I maximize the performance and reliability of my technology, in a cost effective manner with the right amount of resources?” That value proposition needs to manage cost while focusing on meeting business objectives. Enter the solution of IT Managed Services - The ability to offload or supplement IT support while leveraging technology and automation. Managed Services allows businesses to monitor and analyze their technology for a more proactive versus reactive approach. SunTel created an evolving family of managed services and support offerings called NetSurety. The NetSurety family of products delivers the value proposition to a growing number of our customers every day. If you are finding challenges in the IT support arena or are interested in possible ways to provide IT support in a more cost efficient and effective manner I encourage you to ask your account manager about SunTel NetSurety.
Thanks again for your continued partnership with SunTel.
Ray Szpiech
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