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Welcome to the signup and record keeping page set up by Hubbs at SunTel Services so that we can keep track of what everyone is bringing.

See the list of what others are bringing and then enter what you are going to bring.  We would like to have three appetizers for each dessert.


Barb and Clark, Cheryl and Hubbs, Sue and Al

What Others are Bringing

Member Attending Dish Type Description
Tina & Rich Jensen Yes Appetizer Some Kind of Warm Dip
Ann and Ben Farabee Yes Appetizer Cheese pull-apart monkey bread
Cheryl and Hubbs Yes Appetizer Fruit Plate
Susan and Dale Miller Yes Appetizer Barbecued cocktail sausages
Tom and Jan Tobe Yes Appetizer Greek Dip with Pita Chips
Mike and Arlene marks Yes Appetizer Chile Cheese Squares
Diane and Frank Sherman Yes Dessert Temptation Bars
Bill and Donna Hacker Yes Appetizer Salsa and homemade chips probably
gail and tim pawl Yes Dessert christmas cake balls
Sue and Jack Ward Yes Appetizer spinach quiche
Lois Fred Crall Yes Dessert Pecan Bars
Dic and Barbara Kahl Yes Dessert Cheese cake
Carolyn and Mark McQuiggan Yes Appetizer ham snacks?
Marilyn and Al Gibbs Yes Appetizer Cold Poached Salmon
Alan and Sue Brown Yes Appetizer shrimp cocktail
Alice & Henry Burgess Yes Appetizer Smoked Sausages with BBQ Sauce


What you are bringing

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